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Oracle lsnrctl–监听器的启动和关闭 2009-11-24 08:46:15
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在启动、关闭或者重启oracle监听器之前确保使用lsnrctl status命令检查oracle监听器的状态:
1、$lsnrctl status:检查当前监听器的状态
2、$lsnrctl start [listener-name] 启动所有的监听器,可以指定名字来启动特定的监听器
3、$lsnrctl stop [listener-name] 关闭所有的监听器,可以指定名字来关闭特定的监听器
4、$lsnrctl reload 重启监听器,此命令可以代替lsnrctl stop,lsnrctl start
5、lsnrctl hep 可以显示所有可用的监听器命令
start – Start the Oracle listener
stop – Stop the Oracle listener
status – Display the current status of the Oracle listener
services – Retrieve the listener services information
version – Display the oracle listener version information
reload – This will reload the oracle listener SID and parameter files. This is equivalent to lsnrctl stop and lsnrctl start.
save_config – This will save the current settings to the listener.ora file and also take a backup of the listener.ora file before overwriting it. If there are no changes, it will display the message “No changes to save for LISTENER”
trace – Enable the tracing at the listener level. The available options are ‘trace OFF’, ‘trace USER’, ‘trace ADMIN’ or ‘trace SUPPORT’
spawn – Spawns a new with the program with the spawn_alias mentioned in the listener.ora file
change_password – Set the new password to the oracle listener (or) change the existing listener password.
show – Display log files and other relevant listener information

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